When Will I Be Charged For My Order?

Your account will be charged for your purchase at the time your order is placed. A pre authorization of funds is performed at the time that the order is placed. If your credit/debit account does not have sufficient available funds (including total merchandise, tax and shipping charges) the order will not be processed. 

Pre-Sales Promotions:  For items that are sold on pre-order status, your account will be charged at the time that your order is placed.  If the order cannot be fulfilled within a few weeks of the advertised date, your account will be credited in full.  If you choose to cancel your order before it ships, your account will be credited in full.  Please contact customer service if the credit has not been received.  If you choose to cancel your order after it has been shipped, please follow the return policy and guidelines.

Bundles:  For items that are sold as part of a bundle set, we are unable to accept partial returns of the items in the bundle at this time, except in the case of a damaged or defective product. If you wish to make a return, all of the bundle items must be returned together, in accordance with the return policy outlined above.

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